Moss provides numerous boiler systems that can be designed to fit your biomass boiler applications. Our packaged boiler systems range in size from 150 HP to more than 50,000 lbs./hr. (1,449 HP) and pressures from 15 PSIG to more than 900 PSIG. Field erected and semi field erected units are sized from 50,000 lbs./hr. and above. Boilers can be designed for saturated or superheat steam. All of our combustion systems are controlled by the Moss PLC combustion control and steam management systems providing you with the best available solid fuel fired boiler control system for your particular application. Our scope of supply can be for equipment only or for turnkey installations including material storage/material handling, water equipment and building/foundations. Moss also provides pre-fabricated modular boiler, deaerator and water treatment equipment that provides our customers with prepiped and pre-wired systems for permanent installations that eliminate costly buildings and installations. Please contact us for any biomass or solid fuel fired boiler applications.

Hybrid Boilers
The Moss hybrid boiler design is a very durable, efficient and flexible boiler system. Moss provides our custom designed hybrid as well as a traditional model. The hybrid boiler ranges in size from 150 - 1,500 HP (51,750 lbs./hr.) and design pressures from 15 - 250 PSIG saturated steam pressures. The boiler radiant zone is located below the bottom of the firetube section of the pressure vessel with the radiant tubes connected into the belly of the HRT section. Our large radiant zone in the boiler promotes low heat releases in the furnace providing excellent emissions when burning biomass fuels.

Firetube Boilers
Moss firetube scotch marine biomass boilers are 2 or 3 pass dry back units ranging in size from 150 - 600 HP with design pressures from 15 - 300 PSIG. This boiler design can be supplied with either a standard Moss gasifier combustion system or with our new gasifier system with thermal reactor overfire air system and internal ash ram for automatic ash removal capabilities. The firetube boiler with gasifier design allows for quicker installation time at the jobsite. The firetube boilers are provided with skids and are designed to be installed on a foundation pad, concrete piers or structural steel. Our large firetube boiler furnaces provides the required combustion volumes for complete burnout and cooling of gases before the entrance into the second pass tubes. The large steam storage and disengaging area in the firetube boiler helps prevent drops in steam pressure and water carryover to the process. Large turnaround space at the end of the first pass helps prevent tube damage to rolled and welded boiler tubes. An automatic sootblower system is available as optional equipment and is strongly recommended for extended runtime between boiler tube cleanouts.

Watertube Boilers
Moss watertube solid fuel boilers provide large radiant and convection sections for conservative steam supply for your process. Our packaged watertube boiler offerings range in size from 400 - 1,500 HP (51,750 Lbs./Hr.) with design pressures from 250 - 900 PSIG. These boilers can also be provided with superheat for high temperature applications. Our large conservative radiant zone allows complete combustion of the fuels with an approximate heat release of 20,000 BTU/cu. ft. promoting combustion chamber refractory longevity. This large furnace promotes for lower particulate, CO and NOx emissions, while. The convection zone of our boiler is provided with special alloy baffling that is designed to scrub gases efficiently, while producing steam quickly. This proven boiler design has been used for years in all types of solid fuel burning industrial applications and can be used with our gasifier or pneumatic spreader combustion systems. Generally, the watertube boiler is used for boilers over 600 HP in size or over 300 PSIG operating pressures.