George K. Moss Co., Inc. can provide several different systems to store biomass fuel waste streams that is to be fed to your solid fuel boiler/combustion system. For biomass fuels, our metal agricultural silo is best suited for this application. If the fuel requires an unloader, Moss provides a Flying Dutchman type unloading system for dependable and consistent fuel supply to the process from the metal bin silo. The unloading system can be designed to feed a boiler application and load a trailer at the same time, if desired. All required material-handling equipment required to provide biomass or solid fuels into these bins could be provided by Moss.

Moss also provides trailer unloader systems, vibrating overs conveyors, hammer mills for shredding oversized pieces, bucket elevators or pneumatic conveying systems for loading a silo and all required augers or pneumatic conveying systems for transporting the fuel from the silo to the coiler equipment.