Moss provides pre-fabricated modular solid fuel boiler, deaerator and water treatment systems that provides our customers with prepiped and prewired systems for permanent installations that eliminate costly buildings and installation timeframes. These modular systems (shown below) are ready for installation final hookup when delivered to our industrial customer's site. Steam, water, fuel and electrical connections can be made promptly saving time and money after the equipment arrives at the jobsite. Moss modules are generally installed on a concrete foundation for ease of installation. The module concept provides our customers with uninterrupted service and economical use of space while saving thousands of dollars in building and installation cost, reduced operating and maintenance cost as well as complete system integrity and control.

Shown above is a 600 HP boiler with combustion chamber installed with all fans, controls and ventilation included on the module skid.

Moss modules are pre-manufactured structures specially designed to house industrial boiler and/or water treatment systems and associated equipment that are manufactured and constructed in accordance to your project specifications. We can build and ship the units with a variety of options for installation into your existing structure or to various other locations onsite.

Shown above is the top module of a 600 HP boiler being installed on the lower module. On left side of the picture is a 20,000 lb./hr. water treatment module that includes deaerator, water softener, blowdown separator and chemical feed systems.